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About Us

Hooper-Holmes Canada Limited is a privately owned Canadian company incorporated in the early 1970’s. Prior to that the company, then a wholly-owned American subsidiary, operated for many years under the name The Hooper Holmes Bureau (Hooper Holmes, Inc). In 1980 senior managers of the Canadian subsidiary purchased Hooper-Holmes Canada Limited.

Although we continue to share the name “Hooper Holmes” with our US counter-part we are a completely separate corporate entity with our own distinct operations philosophy, vision and identity. We have no affiliation or involvement with any U.S. based company and are owned and operated by Canadians for Canadians. Hooper-Holmes Canada Limited is proudly Canadian with no outside investors or directors.

Hooper-Holmes, and its paramedical division Portamedic™, are in the business of providing accurate information to Life and Health Insurers throughout Canada.

We obtain this information for an underwriter to properly assess an application for life or disability insurance in order to make a fair and sound business decision.

We often describe our function as gathering ‘Data for Decisions’.

In general terms, we provide this service to virtually every life and disability insurance company in order for the company to confirm details of the application and to ensure that all information is reliable, accurate and complete.

It is in no small measure that we have grown Hooper-Holmes by being a customer-focused and a responsive and innovative company.

In the ensuing years since our humble beginnings, Hooper-Holmes Canada Limited expanded across the nation ensuring that our broad service capabilities were truly national in scope covering virtually the entire country. As the company grew physically and geographically so it did with advancements in technologies. Product lines were expanded to include additional services that would be of benefit to the growing sophistication of risk assessment. Technology was also enhanced to include the Paperless Electronic Paramedical, on-line, real-time order entering and tracking systems (Portamedic Access™), scanning and imaging capabilities (Imagedex™), on-line Quality Assurance programs, bilingual field training manuals, comprehensive accreditation programs and tele-interviews (Paradex™) as well as customized ordering interfaces operating on diverse customer platforms. Advanced technology is allowing Hooper-Holmes to continually provide timely and accurate information to our customers. With our vision clearly anchored to future technological developments we will continue to investigate and make improvements to enhance our services, and their delivery, for our business partners.

We have an impressive list of “firsts” within the industry, including:
  • PEP – The Paperless Electronic Paramedical
  • Paradex – an index of electronic tele-interview services
  • Portamedic Access – on-line ordering and tracking system for use by producers, branch administrators and underwriters
  • First to adopt ACORD standards in Canada
  • e-Billing for ease of use, account reconciliation by insurance company head offices
  • Fully bilingual training manuals for Health Professionals in the field, Operations and Customer Service Training Manuals for office staff, an Accreditation Program Manual and Quality Assurance Manuals
  • Ontario Government Apprenticeship Program for all Customer Service and Tele-Interview employees

We are diverse geographically, culturally and socio-economically and our regional offices and their branches within our organization are controlled by seasoned and dedicated resident Vice Presidents who are passionate about their responsibilities and have the pre-requisites to live up to your service expectations.

Hooper-Holmes Canada Limited is proud to be recognized as an industry leader in providing risk assessment services to the Life and Health Industry within Canada. Thanks to our nation-wide network of company-owned branch offices we are able to provide timely, responsive and proactive service virtually anywhere in Canada.

With our highly skilled, experienced and dedicated staff you can depend on us to provide accurate information to assist in making sound business decisions - FAST.

Our understanding and anticipation of our customers’ challenges allows us to maintain our leadership position. But it’s our people and their training, experience, professionalism, dedication and responsiveness that keep us on the leading edge of customer service.

“Across the street, across the country … We’ve got you covered!”

Health Information Division providing mobile paramedical services.

Tele-Information Division providing electronic underwriting information services.

Secure web based document downloads.

Personal and Financial Information Division, providing Inspection Report and Attending Physician Statement Services.


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