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Electronic ECGs

Portamedic™ provides a technologically advanced ECG which can be submitted electronically directly to underwriting thereby saving time.

Lightweight, less mechanical components and less susceptible to temperature variations in changing seasons, extensive initial field trials prove the equipment to be more practical and robust.

Now, in place of paper tracings, our service can avoid in-field problems, such as standardization inaccuracies and line interference, which may result when using more traditional methods. No muss, no fuss; and no more lost ECGs.

With our Electronic ECG we can have the results to underwriting almost immediately and with some client pre-programming, Portamedic™ can transmit directly and have them accessible via Imagedex™.

“Across the street, across the country ….. We’ve got you covered!”

Health Information Division providing mobile paramedical services.

Tele-Information Division providing electronic underwriting information services.

Secure web based document downloads.

Personal and Financial Information Division, providing Inspection Report and Attending Physician Statement Services.


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