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This technology allows Insurance Companies to have their completed paramedicals and related risk assessment documents available to underwriting electronically directly from our nationwide network – regardless of the location of the applicant.

Once scanned, our technology ensures that the insurance companies’ who subscribe to Imagedex™ will have sensitive information immediately accessible to their underwriting departments. This is done over a secure network by posting the full document to a discreet website that is insurance company-specific. Available in either PDF or TIFF files, the documents are available for viewing as a complete “image” of the original document. These can be available as individual files or Batch transfers in a fully secure environment. This application is extremely robust and is very flexible and intuitive, allowing the user to modify the receipt of documents to coincide with the underwriters’ workflow within the department.
Underwriters have the ability to print the individual document or multiple documents and to archive documents.

In addition, a search engine has been built within the Imagedex™ application that provides various parameters – e.g. first name search or, last name search or, Date of Birth or, Reference Number or, Policy Number, etc. Once archived, such documents remain available to the underwriter for recall as necessary by using that search engine.

Imagedex™ assists in speeding up underwriting while not affecting the underwriters workflow.
An automatic back-up is available for recall at our server if, for some reason, a copy of the original source document is required.

We retain the original documentation that has been scanned and posted to Imagedex which is subsequently sent directly to the insurer, as per the insurance company’s standing instructions.
Virtually immediate, intuitive, robust and completely secure Imagedex™ is a obvious answer to the insurer who is sensitive to speed of delivery in a very competitive marketplace.

“Across the street, across the country ….. We’ve got you covered!”

Health Information Division providing mobile paramedical services.

Tele-Information Division providing electronic underwriting information services.

Secure web based document downloads.

Personal and Financial Information Division, providing Inspection Report and Attending Physician Statement Services.


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