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Hooper-Holmes Canada – Leading the Evolution!


The acquisition of Quality Underwriting Services (QUS) by Dynacare has created a buzz in underwriting circles. Daniel Gauvin Sr., President / CEO of Hooper-Holmes Canada, says “it is business as usual at Hooper-Holmes, that is, to continue to partner with our Customers and earn their support through our continued performance and innovation. Over the past few years, Hooper-Holmes has strengthened and grown our position as the #1 provider of medical information for risk assessment in the Canadian marketplace.  Our focus and commitment, our stability and innovation, our resources and expertise, and our consistency and reliability, have allowed us to earn our privileged position year after year.

Daniel Gauvin Sr.


Hooper-Holmes Canada


Mr. Gauvin continues, “One might ask if our industry is in a revolution or evolution. We understand that the changes that are occurring are necessary in order for the industry to adjust to the changing demographic and priorities of the applicant and the distribution channels. These changes are occurring rapidly and we at Hooper-Holmes are committed, prepared and equipped to evolve with the industry and continually deliver services and solutions that our Clients need and can rely on.”


Hooper-Holmes continues to grow and continues to invest in the business.  Hooper-Holmes is the only provider which is authorized to either provide mobile paramedical and/or tele-interviewing services with virtually all Canadian insurance carriers and in many cases have established large-scale exclusivity programs.  This is, in part, due to their industry leading Pan Canadian network of Mobile Health Professionals and state of the art Call Centres.  Hooper-Holmes was the first to introduce electronic paramedicals to the Canadian market with ePara® and is working on expanding the program to new Carriers. Being 100% focused on, and passionate about,  the business of collecting medical evidence for the Life and Health Insurance business in Canada, they are the only remaining Canadian provider to be 100% Canadian and family owned and operated. 

“No doubt the industry is changing.  Insurance carriers are looking for innovative ways to issue policies faster, while reducing costs.  We completely understand.  We cannot rest on our laurels and be satisfied with the status quo”, says Gauvin.  “Hooper-Holmes recognizes the importance and priority of providing reliable, quality information in a timely manner.  With all of the changes going on, we are proud to be a stable and dependable partner for our Customers.  While we are proud of our past, we are even more excited about the future and we will constantly search for more ways to continue to be known as the leading solutions provider in Canada.”

Daniel Gauvin Sr. welcomes your feedback and can be reached at


Health Information Division providing mobile paramedical services.

Tele-Information Division providing electronic underwriting information services.

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Personal and Financial Information Division, providing Inspection Report and Attending Physician Statement Services.


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